We've found through a conducted survey that our patients desire quality care,
a positive environment and most importantly excellent results.

CORE Physical Therapy strives to achieve those results over and above the patient's expectations.

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We Get Results

CORE PHYSICAL THERAPY delivers a high level of care and service by a highly dedicated staff committed to excellent results. Our philosophy is to treat problems and dysfunctions, not symptoms. Our functional whole body approach and treatment creates outstanding results and we empower you, the patient, to raise your awareness in connection with your body. CORE PHYSICAL THERAPY believes in educating the patient while providing the patient with better choices of movement from postures to life activities. We believe our approach provides a new opportunity for you to live a healthier life.


“Kudos to Core Physical Therapy who have far exceeded the therapy that is provided by most other physical therapists. Core's treatment achieved the cure of my illness and not just the relief of my symptoms which would have ultimately returned.” -Dr. Michael E. Read More

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Posture and Body Awareness

Knee Problems

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